Go Play in the Dirt

008 | Life After Sugar with Netta Gorman

November 24, 2022 Lauren Bryson, BCHN Season 1 Episode 8
Go Play in the Dirt
008 | Life After Sugar with Netta Gorman
Show Notes

Recent statistics show that the average American consumes about 70 pounds of added sugar a year. Sugar is everywhere!  Sugar can be seen as a comfort food. Some of these foods even take us back to our core memory of childhood: moments of freedom and happiness.

But while sugar is a huge part of our society today, it can also jeopardize our health in a multitude of ways. In this episode, Netta Gorman, a self-confessed sweet tooth and dessert queen, recounts how she finally realized that the root cause of her long list of health problems is because of sugar. Tune in as she narrates how she found a healthier relationship with food and herself.

And no, hers was not a bittersweet story.

In this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How Netta Gorman discovered the world of health and wellness
  • The reason why the self-identified dessert queen cut out sugar from her life
  • How adding in fermented foods was key for healing her gut and overall health
  • Step 1 in beginning the process of removing sugar from your diet
  • How to move through sugar cravings
  • The importance of building your own reality
  • How our taste buds change over time depending on the food that we eat
  • Netta’s testament to living a sugar-free lifestyle

Go Share These Thoughts:

  • We all know intellectually that sugar's not good for you. But why is it such a huge struggle for so many people to even entertain the possibility of cutting sugar? It's because we have this deep emotional connection with sugary foods. - Netta Gorman
  • The body's ability to heal is really incredible. And we don't give it enough credit. I think if we give it the right tools—I always like to say food is information for your body, so if you give your body the right information, then it has the supplies to heal. - Lauren Bryson
  • What I help people with is to go through the reasons why they're so connected to sugar, and to start letting go of that, which is no small feat. - Netta Gorman
  • It really takes courage to make changes in your life that seem scary. - Lauren Bryson


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