Go Play in the Dirt

014 | Balancing Your Microbiome

January 05, 2023 Lauren Bryson, BCHN Season 1 Episode 14
Go Play in the Dirt
014 | Balancing Your Microbiome
Show Notes

What’s my favorite word? MICROBIOME!

Your microbiome is one of the most complex ecosystems on earth made up of different bacteria, fungi and viruses. The microbiome is all about balance #balancingyourbiome and a healthy microbiome is foundational to your overall health. As Aristotle said, "temperance or balance is a virtue," we should constantly take the center course.

In this episode, Ellen Roufs joins me for a deep dive into gut health. We chat about simple ways to balance the microbiome and focus on empowering you to understand the beautiful relationship between your body and food.

In this Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The many functions of the gut 
  • Your microbiome is one of the most complex ecosystems found in the human body (& world)
  • The connection between the microbiome and the immune system
  • The importance of being exposed to soil and the many benefits to the microbiome
  • The hygiene hypothesis and what it actually means  
  • Examples of probiotic and prebiotic foods 
  • Simple and tangible tips to support your microbiome today 

Go Share These Thoughts:

  • Digestion starts in the brain, since when one thinks or smells food, the brain can kick off your enzymes to help start digestion. - Ellen Roufs
  • The hygiene hypothesis is this idea that if we make everything too hygienic or too sterile, our immune system won’t actually know how to properly respond to different pathogens or foreign antigens. – Ellen Roufs
  • Digestive bitters have been used medicinally for thousands of years. There's wisdom in traditional medicine. If something's been used for thousands of years, there's probably a reason why.  – Lauren Bryson

About Ellen Roufs:

Ellen is formally educated as a scientist but is an artist at heart. She combines her passions for science, education, and design to create template content for nutrition professionals to use with their clients. Her goal is to empower others to understand the beautiful relationships between their body and food so they can experience healing and wholeness.


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