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015 | Nourishing Your Hormones with Anastasiia De La Cruz

January 12, 2023 Lauren Bryson, BCHN Season 1 Episode 15
Go Play in the Dirt
015 | Nourishing Your Hormones with Anastasiia De La Cruz
Show Notes

Brain fog? Missed periods? Fatigue? Feeling tired and wired? These can all be symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Hormones are a hot topic. These little chemical messengers are involved in almost every bodily process and are a crucial piece of overall health. Reestablishing healthy hormone levels in the body is key.

Anastasiia De La Cruz, certified holistic nutritionist & infertility survivor, joins me in this episode to discuss hormones, their many functions, and simple ways to nourish and balance hormones using diet and lifestyle practices. Anastasiia shares her journey of struggling with infertility to how she became a mother of two healthy girls. We also discuss ways to move from tired & wired to nourished & relaxed by using food, movement, and lifestyle practices to support hormone health.

In this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The importance of hormones and how to properly nourish them
  • Connection between gut health and hormone health 
  • How to move from “tired & wired” to nourished & relaxed 
  • How brain fog is connected to hormone health 
  • Eating breakfast in the morning can help balance your blood sugar
  • How having a period is a vital indicator of a women’s health
  • Lauren’s journey of losing her period and how she regained it back
  • How Anastasiia moved through infertility and is now a mother of two healthy girls 
  • Finding the exercise routine that is the right fit for you

Go Share These Thoughts:

  • Food can be about having fun, but can also be used to heal a person. - Anastasiia De La Cruz
  • If you want to relax, concentrate, feel at ease, have beautiful skin, and have energy, we have to respect our physiology. - Anastasiia De La Cruz
  • If you're not sleeping, your overall health is going to suffer. – Lauren Bryson
  • A key to balancing hormones is to eat breakfast within the first hour of waking up to balance your cortisol levels. - Anastasiia De La Cruz

About Anastasiia De La Cruz:

Anastasiia De La Cruz, certified Holistic Nutritionist, mom, and infertility survivor helps women (especially those who are struggling to start a family) deal with irregular or missing periods, create hormonal balance and optimize their nutrient intake without stress. Her goal is to show that proper health is not about counting calories, obsessing about a perfect diet, depriving yourself, or having a "perfect exercise routine." She wants to help her clients to heal mentally and physically and lead healthier and well-balanced lives without straining themselves.

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