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018 | Metabolism 101 with David Bennett

February 02, 2023 Lauren Bryson, BCHN Season 1 Episode 18
Go Play in the Dirt
018 | Metabolism 101 with David Bennett
Show Notes

A recent study showed that only 6.8% of Americans are metabolically healthy (Ohern et al., 2022). The latest statistics from the CDC report that 70% of Americans are overweight and 40% are obese. 1 in 3 has prediabetes.

What is the commonality between all of these issues? Poor metabolic health. Your metabolism is the process by which your body takes the food and beverages we put in and converts it to energy for fuel. Poor metabolic health is associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia and stroke.

David Bennett’s story is the epitome of “paying it forward”. He shares his incredible journey of dealing with a health emergency and how he took a functional medicine approach to balancing his metabolism by using diet and lifestyle. David specializes in helping people overcome and reverse Metabolic Syndrome (weight gain, elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar & excess body fat) by using foundational metabolic skills that allow fast and effective weight loss -  the same methods and skills he used to overcome his own weight and health issues, and achieve metabolic freedom. 

In this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The importance of eating the rainbow
  • Five common symptoms of metabolic syndrome
  • How sugar affects the body
  • Step 1 in balancing your metabolism
  • Ways to support your metabolic health using diet and lifestyle
  • Weight management support 
  • The “8-16” method of intermittent fasting

Go Share These Thoughts:

  • I had to look outside the box by looking at what I was doing, whether sleep or food you're putting in. That's one of the key principles. You're not just eating to eat, you're eating to fuel. - David Bennett
  • Metabolic syndrome increases your risk of a lot of other diseases like stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. What your body is doing, your weight specifically, is causing a lot of inflammation with increased weight, and that leads you down the road to developing a lot of chronic diseases. - David Bennett
  • I like to balance my blood sugar by combining clean protein and healthy fat. - Lauren Bryson


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