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020 | Supporting Thyroid Health with Divya Gupta

February 16, 2023 Lauren Bryson, BCHN Season 1 Episode 20
Go Play in the Dirt
020 | Supporting Thyroid Health with Divya Gupta
Show Notes

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland located in your neck that is key for supporting every system in the body. It helps to regulate your metabolism, mood, digestion, circadian rhythm, bone maintenance, and body temperature.

My guest today is Divya Gupta who is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. She shines light on thyroid health and ignites flames of inspiration through sharing her journey in both becoming a Holistic Nutrition practitioner and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. She shares her experience of navigating a Hashimoto’s diagnosis and how she uses food and lifestyle to manage her condition. Tune in to learn about ways to support the health of your thyroid.

In this Episode, You Will Discover:

  • Divya Gupta’s journey navigating a Hashimoto’s diagnosis to becoming Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition
  • The thyroid and its roles in the human body
  • The effects of cleansing on the body and importance of detoxification
  • Specific nutrients that are critical for thyroid health
  • How leaky gut is tied to thyroid health
  • Difference between a gluten allergy and gluten sensitivity
  • Benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle
  • Divya’s journey in switching from a corporate tech job to being an entrepreneur

Go Share These Thoughts:

  • Making an impact, whether it be big or small, is one of the most rewarding feelings out there.-Lauren Bryson
  • You learn so much about yourself when you meet someone who is not like you.-Divya Gupta
  • It’s worth a try to go gluten-free because if it does not benefit you, it won’t do any harm. It is a simple experiment everyone can try.-Divya Gupta

About Divya Gupta:

Divya is a board-certified holistic nutrition coach based in San Jose. She is trained to help people use the power of nutrition and lifestyle changes to break free from issues and start living the life they want. Divya’s approach is personalized to each of her clients. She takes the time to get to know them, their likes and dislikes, and their motivation to really help them make the modifications that get them the results they're looking for. Divya helps her clients reach each milestone one step at a time and empowers them along the way.

*Divya is hosting a 5-Day Spring Detox Program, March 21-25, 2023.
DivyaGuptaNC@gmail.com to sign up & take advantage of early bird pricing!

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